Balog Family Thanks

The story of Yo Yo & Bob

The History of Yo Yo and Bob

Yo Yo & Bob are really Claudiu and Darius; two little orphan boys who were rescued by RCE when they were just 4 years old. The boys were abandoned as infants and had never known the love of a family.  They are not biological brothers but came to RCE at the same time and immediately began to bond as brothers.

When, by God’s grace, the Balog family heard about the work of RCE they were touched by the plight of the abandoned children with special needs and they decided to do something about it by taking Claudiu and Darius into their own family – making them beloved sons and orphans no more!

Nelu Balog is a Baptist pastor, serving three small churches, his wife, Nicoleta, is a nurse and mother. Their three children were almost grown when the family made room in their hearts and home for Claudiu and Darius in December 2014. The Court awarded permanent legal custody of the boys to the Balog family in April 2015.

Soon Claudiu was speaking and making huge strides in the family. Darius, whose disabilities are more pronounced (he is on the autism spectrum) is very shy.  So Claudiu does the talking for both of them.

When new in the family, Claudiu began calling himself - Yo Yo and his brother Bob - which loosely translated means 'me & him'.  It stuck.  Now the boys are Yo Yo & Bob to family and friends alike.

This loving family with a big heart but limited financial means requires a little help from RCE – which is provided through the partnership with God's people at CVP

eMi: Tesoros de Dios

The Equine Therapy Center

eMi is a Christian ministry that design facilities to serve the poor in developing countries.  eMi utilizes volunteer engineers, surveyors, architects, and construction managers in conjunction with their in-house project management team to produce the designs that are utilized in these countries.  CVP assisted with funding three team member's on their trip to assist with design of a new equine therapy center.  To see a project brief, please see the presentation:  13001 Nicaragua In-Country Presentation

To review some more of what eMi does, please look at eMi's project site.

A letter of thanks from one of the team members CVP supported:

Thank you so much for your support of my eMi trip to Nicaragua.  It was a valuable trip in which we were able to successfully design a horse arena to serve most needy members of the community and represent Christ's love.  However, I know I gained much more than we were able to give to the ministry.  God really used our time to give me a clearer picture of my future service to God and others.  I know my life has been set apart to love God and others with all I do and I now better understand how I can do that.  I believe God orchestrated this trip for the benefit of myself, the ministry and children we served, and my fellow team members, and you were one of the tools he used to make it possible. 

Thank you,

Dylan Thompson