Who We Are

We are a church started by families who love God and Newberg. We believe that, along with the other churches in Newberg, we have a role to play in helping and celebrating our people and community.

Centrality of the Gospel

You are more flawed and lost than you ever dared believe, yet you can be more accepted and loved than you ever dared hope at the same time, because Jesus Christ lived and died in your place.

Worship at CVP

There are two words in Hebrew that are translated in our Bibles as “worship." The first, abad, means to serve, and the second, shachah, means to bow down or fall prostrate before.

Pastoral Insights

Read what is on the mind of Pastor EC Bell from his blog postings.


Our sermons page

The Library

Reference materials and readings on our current sermon series along with some sample prayers


Selected readings during our Lenten season