Live an Interesting Life: “Unity of the Spirit… Bonds of Peace”

Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-6

  • Sin is boring and repetitive, though it may seem exciting at the time
  • We can live a more exciting and interesting life with Christ as it is infused with life, not death
  • We are still having the same discussions in the church as we were having a decade ago
  • The peace not a peace which comes from the world, and can exist though the world is in chaos

We start with an imperitive, just as in vs 1, 3.

What would be required of me to follow Paul’s exhortation?

  • To what degree do we encourage each other to do these things Paul speaks of?
  • Unity of the spirit
    • We tend to define unity and peace ourselves. ┬áCan we have unity in the church, though we disagree across the church on the definitions, deferring to the definitions of the Holy Spirit?
    • We are called to have unity with those who are not like us
  • Peace (Shalom)
    • We should not say “peace” where there is no peace
    • Is it peace at the expense of the Holy Spirit?
    • Why do we not have the elements of “celebrate recovery” in the church?
  • Is it not OK to be frustrated with the Church, longing for the good elements, to be what it could be?
  • Richer lives in unity
  • Accusation, &c. they have all be done before, they are boring. ┬áLet’s do something else, wrought by the Holy Spirit