Living Truth to Power

Scripture: Ephesians 3:1-13

  • How is God going to create this new entity?
  • God’s mysteries are so deep that they bring about more questions
  • What are the heavenly realms?
    • The non visible realm
    • The realm of God’s Angels, baffled by what God is doing with us as much as we are
  • How does the church minister to those who aren’t even members?
  • We must
    • Acknowledge a broken world
    • Recognise the transcendent truth of God
    • We must give up those things which are not transcendent truths
    • Start with Jesus, not race, culture, geopolitics
  • How do we avoid the trap of the extremes: Absolute transcendent truth or relativism?
    • We figure this out together, with different backgrounds coming together in Christ, thus able to minister to people