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Campus Ministry

The purpose of RUF is to build a community on the college campus that reaches students of divergent beliefs and doubts with the message of the gospel and equips them to love and serve Jesus and His church. 

Regardless of your beliefs or doubts (whether you’re convinced, skeptical, curious, burned-out, or whatever), RUF encourages all people to come check them out & join them as they examine what the Bible teaches, with the expectation that as we all grow in our understanding of who Jesus is and what he has done, it will necessarily lead to a changed life.

Chehalem Valley Presbyterian has set a goal this year to support both Bryan Frey's RUF program at Boise State and Randy Nabor's Urban & Mercy Ministries.  If you would like to contribute, please select Open Hands Giving from the drop down on our online donation page.  100% of all contributions benefit these two ministries. 

The Frey Family

The Frey Family

Sacred Road

In 1855, the Yakama people, along with 13 other tribes and bands, signed a treaty with the United States government which established the Yakama Reservation at the foot of Mt. Adams in south central Washington state. Since that time, the culture, families, and dreams of the Yakama people have steadily disintegrated.

• 100% of the Yakama People are deeply affected by drug and alcohol abuse.
• The unemployment rate on the reservation is approximately 75%.
• Life Expectancy of a Yakama Indian is only 39 years.
• 70% of teenagers in White Swan are homeless.
• The dropout rate from middle school to high school is 65%.

Sacred Road Ministries has been established on the Reservation by the Pacific Northwest Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America to establish a dynamic, healthy church in the remote town of White Swan. The Sacred Road team reaches out to the community through child and youth ministry, various acts of service and mercy, an adult Bible study (Hope Fellowship) by recruiting, hosting and organizing one week service teams.

Church Planting

Church Planting/Evangelism
CVP is committed to spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through evangelism. This includes church planting. 

  • Church Planting
    • Urban & Mercy Ministries:  Pastor Randy Nabors, his wife Joan, and his team help to plant new churches, start new urban development ministries and serve local churches through Urban & Mercy Ministries.  If you would like to learn more about Urban and Mercy Ministries please click the image above to be taken to their website.
  • In Thanksgiving and Joy (an update from Urban and Mercy Ministries),
      For the Lord’s great mercies to us, we send you our love and greetings.  Thanks so much for your prayers and concerns for us.  As some of you know I was hospitalized a few times this last month.  I was on the road the first time in Dallas, and soon after returning to Chattanooga had to go back in.  I am so much better, so I am really grateful to all of you who prayed for me.  

       My wife Joan is terrific and we are right now enjoying the fortieth anniversary of New City Fellowship here in Chattanooga.  NCF is the mother church of our Network, starting actually as a Sunday School ministry back in 1968 and becoming a congregation in 1976.  All through the month of November we are celebrating with some of our former pastors and preachers coming to bless us.  Mike Higgins was just here, Barry Henning will be coming along with Ronnie Perry.  I have been asked to preach for the Homecoming service on November 27th, so if you are in Chattanooga on that day I would love to see you.

      Right after the Homecoming service several of the Network Pastors and Leaders with their wives will be going to the Network Summit, which takes place on a cruise this year to Haiti and Jamaica.  Please pray for this meeting, and if anyone has the resources to bless one of our pastors with the money for the trip please let us know asap.  The cool thing is the price has just gone down.  We would love to sponsor some of our pastors who can’t afford to come.  We have meetings together on the trip and learn and pray for each other.

        Please keep us in prayer about a foundation proposal we have presented.  We are hoping to have the resources to send out some of our experienced pastors to help inspire, teach, coach, and train others in the ministry of mercy and cross-cultural church planting.  As getting sick has convinced me I need to slow down in my traveling, but the work needs to increase.  Please pray for God to send workers to help us reap the harvest.  We want to preach the Gospel to the poor and plant churches among them to raise up new disciples.


        Praise God for continued financial support, it is nice to get paid.  
        Praise God for healing in my body.  
        Praise God for more churches joining the Network.  
        Praise God for the testimony of God’s work of grace at New City Fellowship.

    Pray For….

        Time to write and work on some books I think will be helpful.  
        Pray for favor with the foundation grant.  
        Pray for strategic visits and travel to encourage pastors.
        Pray for more church planters who are cross-cultural and will love the poor.

     Our love to you all,

    Randy & Joan Nabors

  • Chehalem Valley Presbyterian has set a goal this year to support both Randy Nabor's Urban & Mercy Ministries and Bryan Frey's RUF program at Boise State.  If you would like to contribute, please select Open Hands Giving from the drop down on our online donation page.  100% of all contributions benefit these two ministries. 

Randy and Joan Nabors

  • Coram Deo
    • A Mission of The Pacific Northwest Presbytery, PCA

      Church planter Kyle Parker's ministry experience encompasses coaching, teaching, campus ministry, and church work. Kyle's calling involved the founding of multiple ministries as well as revitalization pastorates in an RUF campus ministry and as senior pastor of a PCA church. Kyle was senior pastor of Cascade Presbyterian Church in Eugene, Oregon before coming to Spokane and planting Coram Deo.

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