George Fox's Trip to the Peruvian Rain Forest

Please pray for our brothers in Christ from Chehalem Valley Presbyterian Church and George Fox University as they travel to the Peruvian rain forest to visit a small village to evaluate and design improvements for water quantity and quality.  Many Peruvians live in the jungle along the Amazon river and face many challenges each day including lack of clean water and electricity.  Chehalem Valley Presbyterian Church is sponsoring part of this trip.  If you've like to review the sponsor page you may visit the trip page at  George Fox University.



What's happening with Yo Yo and Bob

YoYo was left by his mother, who was young and homeless, in the lobby of a dirty apartment building when she ran out of food and options for shelter. She left a little food by him (he was one) and his clothes.

Bob was abandoned at the hospital when he was born and came to RCE at three. The boys became friends before they went into the family and became brothers!  Bob has about 4 words. Mom. Dad. Yes. No. YoYo. Seems enough for now!

The Balog family was recently able to join RCE at their celebration of 25 years in ministry.  101 candles on the cake to represent placing the placement of 101  orphans!  Nicoleta shared how Bob screamed during the night for nearly a year. She kept him close enough to her to reach out in the night and touch and comfort him. Over time his fears have gone and while he doesn’t yet speak he is very calm and clearly knows he is loved.